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  • grocery store pest control

Pest Control for Grocery Stores

Pests can introduce health hazards to foods, and controlling pests within a grocery business can present a number of challenges.

  • rodent damage chewing car wiring

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Car

Rats and mice can cause thousands of dollars in vehicle damage and endanger your health, too. Learn how to protect your car from rodents!

  • rat in snow

Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

Not all pests lie dormant or hibernate during the winter. Find out which pests may be looking to cozy up in your home during the colder months!

New Homeowner’s Guide to Tacoma

Nervous or worried about a move to Tacoma? Our Homeowner’s Guide has tons of great insider information and tips from Sentinel Pest Control!

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

How to get rid of sugar ants is an age-old question that homeowners and business owners alike have wrestled with for decades. 

New Homeowner’s Guide to Olympia

Check out our homeowner's guide to get lots of great insider information from the locals here at Sentinel Pest!


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