Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

  • Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our customers and a nurturing supportive place for our team to grow.  This is accomplished through extensive team training, thorough internal and customer communication, laser-like focus on our culture, and a process that is extremely user-friendly.

  • The training that our entire team receives in the pest control field exceeds that of any pest control company. Our office staff, inspectors, technicians and management are all cross-trained in order to be more effective and helpful throughout the customer experience. Our team regularly attends external industry training, we hold state accredited classes every month for the entire team. Most of our managers, inspectors, and technicians hold university-level industry certifications, and the importance of continued education is drummed into every team member from the beginning.

  • An extremely high level of communication is paramount for an exceptional customer experience. From the onset of the customer’s experience, we provide multiple avenues of communication. This includes email appointment confirmations, call ahead phone calls and/or text messages, welcome to Sentinel letter, requests for feedback (Surveys), quality control checks from managers, an interactive customer portal that allows the customer to view everything about their service (past appointments, upcoming appointments, chemicals used, scope of service, billing information, graphs, photos, technician notes, etc.) and emergency afterhours contact ability. Learning and listening to customer expectations and making sure that we can meet those is our main communication goal.

  • A team-centric culture is built into the DNA at Sentinel, and facilitates the ultimate customer experience.  When our team members know that they are supported and are happy and excited to be at work, they will give 110 percent. Our team will walk on coals for one another, making sure that the job gets done.  A strong culture is not by accident. We’ve worked hard to get where we are and will continue to work hard in order to maintain what we have.

  • Our processes and systems also give us a leg up on the competition. We’ve integrated all of our systems, and streamlined the processes in order to make everything more efficient and user friendly. Processes are clear so we are all on the same page, and there is accountability for everything. The software that we’ve chosen really ties everything together, allowing the customer complete access and giving them ownership of the process.


Have any pest related questions or in need of pest control services?

Our office staff is trained to answer any pest control related questions! Once scheduled with us, an appointment confirmation will be emailed within 15 minutes with your appointment information and a picture of your technician!


We’ll give you a call and schedule the best time for you!