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West of Puyallup just off State Route 410 is the City of Bonney Lake. The fifth largest city in Pierce County, Bonney Lake sports of a mix of suburban and rural landscapes, with quaint communities and stores nestled away in the beautiful, forested scenery. The city has an abundance of areas for outdoor recreation, including the popular Allan Yorke Park, which features numerous trails, playgrounds, and swimming areas!

Like other cities in Pierce County, Bonney Lake is no stranger to pests. With much of the city surrounded by forests and greenbelts, Bonney Lake has a plentiful supply of natural resources to offer burgeoning pest populations.


Spiders are especially common in the more forested parts of Pierce County. Normally found near overgrown vegetation or woodpiles, these unsightly pests will often try to make their ways into our homes in search of food or shelter. While most in Western Washington are not dangerous, their bites can still be extremely painful.

Rodents are some of the more widespread and difficult pests to control in Western Washington. Elusive and often fearful of people, these persistent pests are experts at hiding and quick to breed. There are a wide variety of rodents in Bonney Lake, with the Norway rat and its smaller cousin the roof rat being two of the more common species. Aside from causing damage to your property, rodents are known carriers of disease.

Stinging Insects are normally more active in Spring and Summer. Typically found in meadows or yards, these pests are also prone to building their nests in higher locations such as trees, under the eaves of roofs, and have even been found inside attics and walls. While most species of bee found in Bonney Lake are harmless, pests such as hornets, wasps, and especially yellowjackets can be extremely aggressive.


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We have been providing comprehensive and environmentally sustainable pest control solutions for Bonney Lake and the rest of Pierce County since 1998. Whether you need one-time service, a full crawl space clean-out, or ongoing pest prevention, our pest control experts are here and ready to help with all your pest control needs! Call us today!


Establishing effective prevention methods for rodent infestations can be time-consuming; it requires a thorough inspection, repair of any rodent entry points, mechanical trap installation, and bait station placement. Exclusion is part of the solution!


Treating an ant infestation is a fairly complicated process. Our ant treatment involves a significant amount of detective work, specialized interior baiting, and liquid chemical treatments, as well as an exterior chemical application to the home or building and various areas on the property.


Bed bugs are often found in or around beds and bedrooms. They are notoriously difficult to locate due to their skill at hiding, and made even more challenging by their fast maturity rate and longer life span. Identifying the origin and scope of an infestation requires more detailed inquiry.


The most common species of termites in Washington are the Pacific Dampwood and Western Subterranean termite. Termites can do significant structural damage to a home or business, and require extensive preventative treatment to be fully eliminated and excluded.


There are several different species of stinging insects native to the Pacific Northwest. Many are non-aggressive and serve a vital ecological function; however, some species—particularly yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets—can be extremely aggressive and require removal.


There are various species of spiders found throughout Washington and the Puget Sound region. While spiders in general can be beneficial in the elimination of other pests, they are not usually welcome visitors in our homes and their bites should be avoided.




At Sentinel Pest Control, we know that every home in Bonney Lake is unique, and has its own unique pest issues. We listen to your concerns, and understand that every home will have different needs for their pest treatment plan. Our commitment to solving your pest issues begins with a detailed inspection of your home, including both the attic and crawl space. This allows us to uncover the location and severity of a pest infestation, ensuring that we have a full understanding of your home’s pest control needs.

But our job doesn’t end with just identifying the pests. We use this in-depth inspection to not only pinpoint the invading pests but also in crafting the most efficient strategy for their removal and future prevention. By thoroughly understanding your specific pest issue and your home’s unique characteristics, we apply a targeted, powerful approach to safeguard your home. You can rely on Sentinel for unmatched pest management solutions that provide you comfort and peace of mind.


Even the most well-kept commercial facilities in Bonney Lake are not exempt from the threat of pest problems. Not only are pests unsettling for employees and customers, they can also inflict damage on your property or leave you liable for costly fines. Every business has its own challenges, and encountering pest issues should not derail your operations.

A comprehensive commercial pest inspection is the most effective strategy for elimination and future deterrence. We focus on understanding the particularities of your pest issue and your facility’s specific traits, enabling us to apply a precise, potent approach to safeguard your business. We prioritize your scheduling needs, ensuring service can occur after hours or on weekends for minimal disruption. Our trained technicians exercise utmost discretion to maintain your business’s reputation, backed by industry-specific knowledge to keep your facility protected and compliant with all regulations.


We provide comprehensive clean-out services to help with pest-related issues unique to crawl spaces, such as damage from heavy rodent infestations. Upon a detailed inspection of your crawl space, our skilled technicians decide on the best course of action, which may range from minimal interventions like vapor barrier replacement to extensive services including full sanitization, deodorization, and replacement of insulation and flex ducting. This approach not only helps in repairing the damages but also plays a crucial role in improving ventilation, reducing your energy bills, and safeguarding your Bonney Lake home against damaging moisture and future infestations.

  • Is your crawl space marred by excessive moisture? We will install a robust, new 6mm vapor barrier to shield your home’s underside.
  • Facing escalating heating and cooling costs? Count on us to enhance your crawl space’s insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Battling relentless rodent infestations? Our comprehensive clean-out process includes meticulous removal of contaminated materials, targeted odor and bacteria elimination, and consistent monitoring and servicing post-clean-out to ensure your crawl space remains in impeccable condition, free from pests and related damages.

No matter the challenge, we combine expertise, technology, and commitment to deliver unparalleled crawl space clean-out services in Bonney Lake.



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