There are various species of spiders found throughout Washington and the Puget Sound region. While spiders in general can be beneficial in the elimination of other pests, their bites should be avoided.

spider identification
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When inspecting a potential spider infestation, our technician will determine:

  • The species of spider that is of primary concern

  • Conducive conditions contributing to the infestation

  • Specific areas where spider activity is highest

When treating for a spider infestation, we focus our treatments on the interior, exterior, and underside of a home or building. It is important to note that homes located near wooded areas or bodies of water tend to have higher populations and varieties of spiders.

Overgrown vegetation is high on the list of conducive conditions for spider infestations. Vegetation that is near or touching a home is extremely attractive for spiders, as it allows for easy web building. Whenever possible, we recommend trimming vegetation away from the home or building.

As insects are a primary food source, spiders tend to populate areas of high insect activity. Our spider treatment process will focus on both eliminating the spider infestation and minimizing their food source.



At Sentinel Pest Control, our job is to ensure that your home is free of pests year-round—our comprehensive service packages are designed to do just that! Tailor-made to meet the needs of Western Washington residents and businesses, our pest control service packages will both remove pest infestations and prevent future ones.

Our SafeHome™ Program is designed to control and prevent the presence of common pests. Through regular inspections, treatments, application of preventative measures, and collaboration with our customers, we are able to develop a comprehensive plan to control any existing pest issue.

  • 1. Perimeter Treatment – A 360 Degree band of protection is applied around the home on the foundation that is approximately 2 feet wide.

  • 2. Eaves, Windows, and Overhangs Treatment – Residual insecticide is applied around all exterior eaves, light fixtures, windows, and overhangs.

  • 3. Dewebbing – A webber is used on the exterior of the building to wipe off spider webs and egg sacs.

  • 4. Interior Crack and Crevice Treatment – Cracks and crevices on the interior are treated with a residual insecticide.

  • 5. Glue Board Installation – Glue boards are strategically installed in inconspicuous locations on the interior of a structure to catch spiders.

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Our SafeHome Plus™ Program is designed specifically to cover more difficult pests. On top of covering stinging insects, SafeHome Plus™ also covers ALL pests covered under SafeHome™, including the simultaneous treatment of rodents and ants!

Certain pests, such as stinging insects, require specialized, long-term treatments to fully control.

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Our SleepTight™ Program is specifically designed to combat and permanently remove all bed bugs in your home. We offer three different treatment options: Thermal Remediation,  Chemical, and our proprietary Thermal/Chemical Hybrid Treatment.

Bed bugs can be a major nuisance. Due to their quick maturity rate, longer lifespan, and skill for hiding, they can be especially difficult to treat.

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Our CustomCare™ Program is designed to provide fully custom solutions for the unique pest control needs presented by pests, including attic and crawlspace clean-outs, implementation of extensive exclusion methods, bird prevention work, as well as one-time treatments for various insects and spiders.

Some pests require custom solutions to be successfully removed and controlled. This includes termites, woodboring beetles, and birds.

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Interior Spider Treatment

The interior of the home or building will receive a crack and crevice liquid spray, as well as glue board insect traps placed in strategic locations. If necessary, we will knock down any webs that may be present on the interior.

Underside Spider Treatment

Crawlspaces are dark and often damp places where spiders like to hang out. While treating the underside of your home or building, we will fog the crawlspace with a residual insecticide, killing any spiders or other insects that it contacts.

Exterior Spider Treatment

Your technician will treat the exterior of the home or building using a 360-degree perimeter band treatment including:

  • Foundation

  • Walkways

  • Fence lines

  • Patios

  • Under and around decks

  • Around windows

  • Doors

  • Light fixtures

  • Eaves

  • Any accessible overhangs

During the exterior treatment, your technician will remove all webs and spider egg sacks by sweeping the structure with a webber pole to further reduce the population.


We understand that your needs can be urgent. Our goal is to provide you with a pest-free home or business as quickly as possible. Call before noon Monday – Friday and a Sentinel professional will be at your door the SAME DAY!



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“While remodeling our house 4 years ago, we found termites in the walls. I called around and Sentinel Pest Control was able to come out the same day. They took a look at our problem and educated us our pest problem and provided us with the best solution…”

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