Like ants, termites come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The two most common species in Washington are the Pacific dampwood and Western subterranean termite. Both of these species are extremely destructive.


During the initial inspection, our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of the entire home, from the foundation all the way up to the crawl space or attic. When treating a potential termite infestation, it is imperative that we identify the species of termite and location of the infestation.

Both these factors will determine the type and scope of treatment we are able to apply.


At Sentinel Pest Control, our job is to ensure that your home is free of pests year-round—our comprehensive service packages are designed to do just that! Tailor-made to meet the needs of Western Washington residents and businesses, our pest control service packages will both remove pest infestations and prevent future ones.

Pacific Dampwood Termites

If your inspector finds dampwood termites, then our recommendation is simple; locate the moisture problem and fix it. Pacific dampwood termites require high levels of moisture to survive; these termites will relocate or die once moisture has been removed from their environment.

Conducive conditions for Pacific dampwood termite infestations include:

  • Wood to soil contact

  • Leaky plumbing

  • Leaky roofs and gutters

  • Poorly ventilated crawl spaces

  • Rain-soaked firewood leaning against the structure

All of these factors can produce a significant amount of moisture, making for ideal living conditions. Fortunately, you don’t need an exterminator when facing dampwood termites. If you get rid of your moisture problem, you get rid of your termites!

Western Subterranean Termites

Western subterranean termite treatments are vastly different from any other treatments that we perform. These termites live in nests deep within the soil, potentially 10-20 feet below the surface. Because subterranean termites must return to their nests in the soil, any wood structure has the potential of being infested. As a result, they require a sub-surface chemical application in order to protect the invaded structure and exterminate the colony.

Removing Western subterranean termites requires a trained and experienced pest professional. If we only find them in one area of the building, we can confidently recommend a spot treatment of the infested portion of the structure. However, if your inspector finds subterranean termites in more than one location, we will recommend a full building treatment.

Full Structure Treatment

A full structure treatment will start on the exterior of the building. Your technician will dig a small trench (6 inches x 6 inches) all the way around the building up against the foundation. The trench will be dug wherever soil comes into contact with the foundation.

Where concrete contacts the foundation on the exterior perimeter, we will drill small holes every 12 inches (½ inch diameter) through the concrete exposing the soil. Holes will be approximately 2 inches away from the foundation, and will be patched with concrete when the treatment is complete.

Once the drilling and trenching prep work has been completed on the exterior, your technician will begin prep work in the crawl space under the home. A 6-inch x 6-inch trench will be dug on the inside perimeter of the crawl space wherever soil meets the foundation. We will also trench around pier posts and note any piping, conduit, or ducting that touches the ground for treatment during the actual application phase.

Chemical Treatment

The building is now ready for chemical application to begin. Your technician will use a transferable, non-repellant product that has been specifically designed to target subterranean termites where they are seen and where they nest.

Your technician will apply product to all trenches and holes that were dug/drilled at a rate of 4 gallons per every 10 linear feet. Soil excavated from the trenches will also be treated and then put back into the trenches from which it came. The soil around the plumbing, conduit, and ducting that was noted during the prep work will be treated as well. Finally, wherever the live termites were seen, a crack and crevice surface treatment will be applied. In addition, a wall void injection may be done if appropriate.

A subterranean termite spot treatment utilizes all the same products, concepts, and techniques as the full treatment, but localized to areas of high activity. For example, if live termites were seen on a wall, your technician would treat 10-15 feet on both sides of the infested area.


Sentinel Pest Control is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of work with the best value in the industry. We back all of our termite treatments—spot treatments and full treatments—with an industry-leading 10 Year Warranty!


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“While remodeling our house 4 years ago, we found termites in the walls. I called around and Sentinel Pest Control was able to come out the same day. They took a look at our problem and educated us our pest problem and provided us with the best solution…”

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