There are many different species of birds native to Western Washington. The most common we receive calls about are starlings, pigeons, and woodpeckers. Though the inspection process is the same, the solutions that we can offer for bird issues will vary depending on the species, nesting/roosting location, and the structure we are protecting.


Starlings are the most common bird species we deal with. They are smaller in size, and can access a structure in a number of ways. We typically see them nest in attic vents, dryer vents, or bathroom vents.

Though they often appear harmless, starlings are capable of causing damage to a given structure, spreading various diseases, and can introduce other pests—like bird mites or carpet beetles—into a home or business.

The control process for starlings focuses primarily on excluding them from a structure. Our goal is to get them out, keep them out, and ensure that any other pests they’ve introduced don’t spread or harm the occupants of the home or business.

For example, if a starling has nested in an attic, we will fog the attic to chase them out, remove the nest (if it’s accessible), and then repair the access points so they can’t get back in. When applied, the fog will chase the starlings out of the structure and kill off any secondary pests. Repairs can be as simple as screening off an attic vent with hardware cloth, or replacing a dryer vent cover with one that won’t allow access.


At Sentinel Pest Control, our job is to ensure that your home is free of pests year-round—our comprehensive service packages are designed to do just that! Tailor-made to meet the needs of Western Washington residents and businesses, our pest control service packages will both remove pest infestations and prevent future ones.


Another common nuisance, pigeons are a much larger species than starlings. Due to their size, they typically will roost on the exterior of a building instead of inside a structure. Like starlings, pigeons can also introduce other secondary pests such as bird mites, carpet beetles, and the like.

Although the control process for pigeons can be quite technical, the underlying goal is simple: make the structure as unappealing and inaccessible as possible. Excluding them from roosting areas can be challenging, but we have many tools in our arsenal. We use chemical repellants, bird spikes, electrical currents, netting, and various forms of physical deterrents to keep them away from a structure.


We get many calls from customers regarding woodpeckers. Woodpeckers are a protected species, so our options are extremely limited.

Generally, woodpeckers will peck for various reasons; mating calls, foraging for food (usually insects), or while constructing nests. Due to their protected status, we are not able to exclude, kill, remove, or relocate them. If a woodpecker has taken roost on or near your property, we will generally recommend that you use a repellent device to scare them away.


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“While remodeling our house 4 years ago, we found termites in the walls. I called around and Sentinel Pest Control was able to come out the same day. They took a look at our problem and educated us our pest problem and provided us with the best solution…”

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