Cockroach infestations are best reduced by the proper combination of insecticide application (Sentinel) and environmental manipulation (you). We have many tools, products, and techniques available for cockroach control; depending on the severity of your infestation, a treatment could be very simple, or could require everything at our disposal to effectively control.


Your cockroach control solution begins with a detailed consultation and an extensive inspection. Your technician will ask many questions to determine the extent of the infestation and its potential origin, as well as identifying potential conducive conditions.

During an inspection for cockroach infestations, your technician will determine:

  • High population areas

  • Potential sanitation concerns

  • Potential food sources

  • Harborage areas

  • Required tools for infestation level

Two things are essential to support thriving cockroach infestations: hiding places and poor sanitation. If roaches are deprived of harborage (hiding places), their numbers will be reduced, and control is more easily achieved. If they are deprived of food and water through good sanitation, they will not be able to survive for long.

Once the inspection is complete, your technician will discuss their findings, make appropriate recommendations, provide a preparation sheet, and then begin the treatment process.


At Sentinel Pest Control, our job is to ensure that your home is free of pests year-round—our comprehensive service packages are designed to do just that! Tailor-made to meet the needs of Western Washington residents and businesses, our pest control service packages will both remove pest infestations and prevent future ones.

Light Infestation Treatment

Less severe cockroach infestations are generally easier to manage. For example, a light cockroach infestation may only require:

  • Strategic glue board placement

  • Growth regulator installation

  • Bait applications

When treating lighter infestations, it is not necessary to vacate your home or business.

Heavy Infestation Treatment

Tackling a more extreme cockroach infestation requires a more extensive treatment. Your technician may use flushing agents to draw roaches out of harborage areas, and then vacuum up the roaches along with their eggs. Vacuuming is a great way to have an immediate impact on a roach population.

A liquid application will be made immediately following the vacuuming. Crack and crevice applications with a residual pesticide are made in infested areas and adjacent rooms. Insect growth regulators and baits are used in all areas where roach activity has been noted. Glue traps are also placed throughout the area.

Customers will typically need to vacate 4 to 8 hours following the treatment.


When your technician has completed the treatment and you are able to return to your home, it’s time to focus on the things you as a customer can control: sanitation and harborage reduction.

There are a few things you can do to reduce harborage inside a home or business:

  • Patch the cracks in walls, floors, ceilings, and behind and under kitchen cabinets

  • Seal openings around plumbing fixtures, furnace flues, electrical outlets, between window sills and walls, and along baseboards and ceiling moldings

  • Make sure to not leave unwashed dishes, kitchen utensils, and exposed food products sit out overnight

  • Clean all spilled liquids immediately

  • Regularly clean areas beneath cabinets, furniture, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators (anywhere small amounts of food frequently accumulate)

Heavy roach infestation can be difficult to manage.  Customers should expect that follow-up treatments may be needed.


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“While remodeling our house 4 years ago, we found termites in the walls. I called around and Sentinel Pest Control was able to come out the same day. They took a look at our problem and educated us our pest problem and provided us with the best solution…”

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