• Trim the vegetation away from your home or business.
    Trees and shrubs that touch your home provide insects and rodents with easy access to your home. Overgrown vegetation will also supply insects and rodents with food and harborage.
  • Keep your home and yard clean and clutter-free.
    Clean and vacuum on a regular basis. Make sure not to leave spilled items and dirty dishes out overnight. Don’t let your garbage can sit and accumulate for an extended period of time—take the trash out regularly!
  • Don’t leave that wood pile stored next to your home or office.
    A wood pile is prime real estate for carpenter ants, spiders, and various other insects. Keep the wood pile as far away from the structure as possible. Rodents also use wood piles as harborage.
  • Make sure your home or office is sealed tight.
    Crawl space and attic vents are often entry points into your home. Make sure that the screens covering the vents have not been compromised. Weather stripping and door sweeps often wear out or tear away. Check these areas periodically to ensure that your home is protected.
  • Remove any sources of moisture.
    Sources of moisture such as leaky roofs, clogged gutters, plumbing leaks or standing water should be fixed as soon as possible.