Residential Pest Control

At Sentinel Pest Control, we have over 15 years of dedicated service in helping our customers feel comfortable and at ease in their own homes. After all, who enjoys the shock of something scurry quickly across their kitchen counter as they turn the lights on, the itch or anxiety brought on by fleas or bed bugs, or other damaging pests?

With that being just a fraction of what our customers have brought to us, we also offer affordable pest solutions and professional services with:

  • Insect control/prevention
  • Nuisance birds
  • Rodent detection such as rats and mice, eradication, as well as prevention
  • Repair and restoration of your crawl space

Professional pest control for single and multi-family homes in Puget Sound.

Residents all throughout Puget Sound at some point typically experience some type of infestation or problem with pests that become difficult to handle without the help from a professional. In most cases, it is better to as certain pests can cause extreme damage to your property, which will in turn decrease its value.

At Sentinel Pest Control, we bring experience and quality customer service to your doorstep. We are also happy to also help you with any questions you may have, and provide expert advice on our website with tips and information for some of the most common pests found here in the Northwest.


Call for a free, affordable estimate today, and take back control of your home!

The team at Sentinel Pest Control are happy to provide you with a fast, free estimate on how we can help you achieve a pest free home. Give us a call, and also be sure to check out our specials page to see how you can save on our affordable professional pest control services today.

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