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Odorous house ants, more commonly known as sugar ants, are considered the most significant nuisance ant throughout Washington. Although the presence of this species in your home or business can be extremely annoying, it should be noted that they do not cause structural damage like termites and carpenter ants do.

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Odorous house ants vary in appearance from brown to black and are usually approximately 1/16 inch long. They are commonly found in kitchens, as they have a habit of searching out human foods, but will nest anywhere conditions are suitable. Sugar ants will feed on raw and cooked meats, dairy products, vegetables and sweets.
Control can sometimes be very difficult to obtain. It is important to keep areas clear of food debris, exposed stored food and pet food. Also be sure to keep counter tops and appliances free of grease, syrups or anything else that these ants will feed on. Sanitation, though very important, is not the sole cause of an odorous house ant problem. These ants will select a wide variety of nesting sites to include trees, downed logs, soil, sand, crawl spaces, wall voids and attics making control difficult to obtain.

How Do I Get Rid of Sugar Ants?

Gaining control of an odorous house ant infestation is very difficult. I recommend first consulting a professional before attempting any home remedies, as some of these “treatments” will certainly make the infestation worse and likely spread the infestation to other parts of your home or business. Contact the experts at Sentinel Pest Control for help and advice on tackling the problem on your own.

Methods for getting rid of odorous house ants:

  • Baiting for sugar ants can be an effective method of treatment. Keep in mind that removing other potential food sources will greatly increase your success when using baits.
  • Spraying with over the counter pesticides can be very counterproductive when facing sugar ants. Products like Raid or other repellent insecticides will cause the ant infestation to bud or spread. Odorous house ants will bud when they detect something foreign or detrimental to the colony is present. Budding is achieved when the many queens within a colony leave the nest in different directions in search of a safer nesting place. Each queen will then start their own nest in different locations.


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